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CWI Future of COBOL and Mainframe event

Come and meet your peers and experts at the strategic "Future of COBOL and Mainframe" event on Thursday 18 January 2024 at CWI, the Dutch national research center for mathematics and computer science.

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Among the confirmed speakers are Sander van Amerongen (Secretary-Director at Advisory Council on IT-assessment (AcICT)), Cokky Hilhorst (Professor of Business Information Systems and Director of the Faculty Research Center for Accounting, Auditing & Control at Nyenrode Business University) and CWI software researcher Jurgen Vinju (also professor at Eindhoven University of Technology).

➡ Pick up new ideas.
➡ Be confirmed in your strategic and tactical management decisions, or warned for the pitfalls to come.
➡ Forge new strategic collaborations with educational and scientific research institutes.

💡 The future of COBOL starts now!

The impact of programming language COBOL and mainframe technology on our digital society is enormous. Key social and economical infrastructures;
from taxes to social security, from payments to loans and mortgages, from insurance to procurement and customer management; it's mostly written in COBOL and it often runs on mainframes.

The Netherlands has always been on the forefront with automation of administrations; but now we are running out of time. Pension time is up now for the complete population of COBOL and mainframe experts. Our educational institutions have not raised a new generation. Outsourcing has proven to seriously leak core organizational capabilities. So what is our next step? What is our strategy for securing the quality, availability and economy of our key social and economical infrastructures?

Politicians, policy makers, government officials, CxO's, directors; the decisive stakeholders know what time it is. The entire field is on the move, but the direction is not always clear. There is opportunity to learn from one another: businesses from government, and government from businesses. We have companies reporting a transformation away from COBOL, and COBOL being reintroduced in government (and vice versa). We see COBOL moving away from the mainframe, and Java moving to the mainframe. What is wisdom?

📌 Learn all about this at the CWI future of COBOL event at 18 January, co organized by Quuks B.V., Software Improvement Group and IBM.

📌 Register now via the link below (€150,- for professionals, free for students and scientific researchers).

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