Canalys was established in September 1998 as the founders recognized a gap in the market for channels-focused IT research. This channel centric focus has remained at the company’s heart for over 20 years, alongside the desire to provide accurate and timely data to the technology industry.

Recognizing that worldwide reach was critical to the company’s success, Canalys opened a Singapore headquarters in 2006. This global perspective led to the opening of a US office in 2010 shortly followed by offices in China, and India. Having an integrated global team allows Canalys’ colleagues to gain insights and new perspectives from each other and provide local and global context to support our clients.

Canalys is focused on being “Digital First”, driving it to create quality technology that sets it apart from the competition. Launched in 2006, Candefero, Canalys’ global online partner community, was created and developed in-house by Canalys’ team of developers. This focus continues across to the Canalys Forums, the largest independent channel events in APAC, EMEA and LATAM. Also established in 2006, they are now attended by over 3,000 people every year, and in recent years have innovated with virtual and hybrid formats. Our expertise in both events and digital led to the formation of Canapii as a separate company, in 2020.

Having received no external investment, and without a day of debt since its creation, a passion and determination to achieve has led Canalys to become world-renowned for its research in technology channels and smartphones. Canalys now spans four continents with five offices and employs over 100 people. From our very early days over half the company was female – unusual in the tech industry. Promoting diversity of people and thought as well as equal opportunities for all is a core Canalys value that is just as important today.